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If the pig don't fit,
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in Barry...'s LiveJournal:

Friday, July 22nd, 2005
3:32 pm
Clickitty clickitty claick, kaick a kaide in the baick
i love this!!!

I am 60% Grunge.
Grunge as Hell!
I am pretty dirty, all right and, I reek of teen spirit... I would sell my own children for a moldy hotpocket, man.
not too into the dirt part of it but i'm still grunge as hell. COURTNEY KILLED KURT DAMMIT!!! Oh well, just thought i'd share that with whoever reads this BS. Feel free to comment


Current Mood: Pissed off with the Keys
Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
3:34 pm
Holy crap man, I think i'm having a ridiculous adrenaline rush otherwise i probably wouldn't be updating my journal. I was forced to play DDR for an hour because my sister wants all the songs back, i came upstairs and got online for about an hour, found out something interesting that makes me really glad and all of a fucking sudden i'm downstairs jumping off of my couch with my guitar poking holes in the ceiling and breaking my back (not really). I set my guitar down, sat on mike's drums and i played the damn double bass so fast i was close to breaking the drumhead! I haven't had any sugar or MSG so i'm really freaked out right now! Cameron should die because he went to a 3 doors down concert with Jena and Marissa and SKIPPED BAND PRACTICE! I don't really care because we didn't really do anything at practice and that probably wouldn't changed anything if he had been there, I JUST LIKE TO MAKE THE LITTLE TURD FEEL BAD!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I think i'm just gonna go downstairs and beat the bass drum again and bust some blast beats regardless of what Mike would think if he were in the room. Much love to all my homies (except for Cameron because he's a practice skipping TURD!!!!! Joking!) even if you don't read this because i know most of you won't.

No, i'm not telling any of you. Suck it and listen to Celldweller because they kick a ridiculous amount of ass.

-teh Barry

Current Mood: 10 redbulls
Thursday, July 14th, 2005
7:55 am
ahumina humina humina yo!
Howdy children.

Okay, this time i'm in a better mood since Shankmin has begun practicing, UT2004 is the shizznite and my last paycheck had more money than it was supposed to (heh heh heh). Our NEW guitarist, brian, seems to be cool with the music and such and i wrote a new song that i think is more his style. It's sounds freakin good, son. PowerTab is my new lifesaver and GOD! THANK YOU TYLER! That program has saved my god damn skin. I can tab out all of our music and make it easier to play because you can play along to the midi.

......Holy crap dude, my dog is hiccuping on the couch. He's an idiot... no really, it has nothing to do with the hiccuping, he's just...dumb.

Nothing more to say, adios.


Current Mood: I feel white...
Wednesday, July 6th, 2005
9:33 am
white people...
Howdy kiddies. I know 99% of people won't read this at all but what the hell? i might as well not make waste of a perfectly good livejournal account. As my first note, i'd like to say fuck it. On my second note i'd like to say, I'M BORED AS CRAP MAN! Shit son, my band hasn't practiced at all this summer, i still don't know if sophia is joining or not and i quit my job. looks like i'm just a little bit screwed. Frickin Music & Arts Center won't call me back and let me know if they're hiring me or not and i'm sick and frickin tired of my sister breathing down my neck saying, "Their not gonna call you back, bitch," or, "You don't really want to work there." true, i would rather get hired by Duet With Music where i'm pretty much guaranteed a spot once the noobs who can't file music correctly get fired, still, i don't need my sisters bullshit either. S.O.S., my niggas...


Current Mood: you'll know when you read it
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